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Where you Look…

Posted: 14th November 2010 by ensifer in Uncategorized

… is where you go. That’s not Scientology Tech by the way. but then, you probably knew that already. Instead that’s one of the most basic understandings I have about life. But it kinda-sorta sounds like something L. Ron Hubbard might say. I can hear him now… “Well, I was up in the Van Allen […]

You People Make Me Crazy!

Posted: 13th October 2010 by ensifer in Uncategorized

By “you people” I mean all you Scientologists and ex-Scientologists. By “crazy” I mean frustrated and having the near irrepressible desire to grab you around the throat and strangle you until you start making sense! And I have my friend down in California to thank for reminding me why I am being driven crazy by […]