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Why So Serious?

Posted: 8th November 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

I just wanted an excuse to use the image above in my blog. And what better excuse than to have a blog entry about fun in Scientology as opposed to the standard fare of anger, depression, failed purposes, dead OT’s, scheming private eyes, refund cycles and bickering over whether there really is such a thing […]

Now there’s a question that has been being asked for 50 years or so.  And while there are no easy answers to the question there are technical answers. Technically, in the eyes of the IRS here in America, Scientology is a church.  It’s been that way for about 40 years now. And if you look […]

Over the last couple of months the opportunity has arisen for some lengthy conversations with a few Old Time Scientologists from my past.  Hmmm, I guess if you look at it from their perspective I’m from their past. Either way, they are people who I “knew” very well. That makes them both friends and people […]

If I'm PTS it's your fault!

Posted: 28th August 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

One of the curious side-effects of too much Scientology theory and not enough forward motion in life is the tendency for some Scientologists – not you, of course, I mean them – to just stop moving forward with time and get all hung up trying to figure out what caused some incidental phenomena. Deciding you […]

Why so serious?

Posted: 18th August 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

It’s possible I’m wrong… but… the general impression I have of what it’s like to be a Scientologist now is unlike what it was like to be a Scientologist before 1982. It’s simple stuff… Everybody used to smile. All the time. No really, except for the times when smiling and laughing were inappropriate the one […]

I thought you were dead man!

Posted: 13th August 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC


First off, a short bit of recent history. For close to 28 years, or perhaps more, I have had a small cash balance at Flag. Depending on the year and who was calling me the actual amount ranged between $20 and $2000 credit. I’d vote for the $20 because it’s hard to believe even I […]

Give me that hand.

Posted: 3rd August 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

Thank you. There was a point in my early teens where I absolutely fucking hated those words. And not just those specific ones either. Here’s a few other choice samples of phrases I hated – Follow them and contribute to their motion. What is it’s weight? Look at that wall. If I had been anything […]

Valence Shift

Posted: 27th July 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

Los Gatos, California 2010 – Summertime Two days before my 60th birthday I was sitting in the chapel of the Church of Scientology of Los Gatos. The reason me being there was remarkable is that I walked away from the Church of Scientology almost three decades ago. I hadn’t been in a Scientology building for […]