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If size matters then Scientology has a small dick

Posted: 12th September 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

Been offline for a while. Now I’m not. So let’s talk about penis size. Okay? One of the more frequent discussions I come across in the universe of Scientology dissidents is the subject of bogus claims to the number of actual Scientologists. The common theme here in the real world is that while the CofS […]

Here's an idea!

Posted: 24th August 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

I’ve been away from the internet for a few days due to my two oldest children flying into Idaho to visit with me and my awesome dad. They fly out at least once every year and we spend a couple of days eating, enjoying each other and just being a Second Dynamic. This year I […]

Photo Update

Posted: 9th August 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

I’m still waiting for my new scanner to arrive. Well… actually, I haven’t ordered it yet. But many thanks to my oldest son Marshall. He’s the one that bought me a gift card when I officially turned old in June. In the meantime I took some precious photos to the grocery store camera bar and […]

What did you say your name was?

Posted: 30th July 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

Despite my goal of using this blog to expound on the differences in Scientology before the appearance of the RTC, it occurred to me that there is one thing about the ex-Scn community online that seems, to me, to give more power and energy to the organization that is the cause of dissent in the […]