Photo Update

Posted: 9th August 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

I’m still waiting for my new scanner to arrive. Well… actually, I haven’t ordered it yet. But many thanks to my oldest son Marshall. He’s the one that bought me a gift card when I officially turned old in June. In the meantime I took some precious photos to the grocery store camera bar and scanned them onto a CD so I could add some imagery to the words here until I decide what scanner to buy.

I added at least one image to each post and am working up a new article about book sales in the pre-DM days versus book sales in this modern era.

Anyway, I suppose I ought to put a picture in here. How about one of my son, the guy who forked over the birthday cash!  Thanks Marshall!

And he can play it as well.

I’m not going to use this blog to shamelessly promote other internet stuff but Marshall, who did a Comm Course back in about 2001 and loved it, does own an outstanding web site. If you are a music lover, particularly edgy stuff or  just good music you won’t hear on the radio, go here:

There are probably 1500 bands and artists there all who have collectively uploaded a few thousand songs and tracks.

In the meantime, I’ll be back later tonight or tomorrow with a new story

  1. You have our attention!
    Why not shamelessly promote you son?

    I would.

  2. ensifer says:

    Hmmm. Because I’m shameful? Shit, I don’t know. Ask me an easy question next time Penny!


  3. Tara says:

    Thanks for the visual.
    Love your kid’s website! You view Me? uvumi Excellente’

    • ensifer says:

      Thanks back at ya Tara. Hey, I logged onto Uvumi today and guess what I saw? A new user named Tara. Was that a crayfish or lobster? Heh. Glad you enjoy the place. I’ll friend you next time I’m there and you can see what music I listen to.


  4. Pat Muro says:

    Deaar David,

    Are you still a wicked Twister? Ac tually6 my name is not Muro any more, but Steve and I are still good friends.

    i am so sorry that Dolores haas ddied. I would really have loved to see and taalk with her. I ddon’t think she would have been thrilled to talk with me. I walked away from CO$ in 1973. I just observed that it was becoming something other than what I joined.

    Your boys are handsome, I still think of you as the young handsome guy I danced with at Sanddy and Normans parties. I also think of my self as the young sexy gal dancing with you. Even though I am celebrating my 76th Birthday in two days.


    Love, Pat

    • ensifer says:

      Well I’ll be!

      Patty!!!! or, I guess, Pat.

      So nice to hear from you. As for my dancing skills, yes, I am still quite a charmer on the dance floor… although I went over to the Dark Side and restrict myself to classics like The Texas Two-step, West Coast Swing and even East Coast Swing. Partner dancing is best cause you get to grab them girls!

      76 or not, you’ll definitely always be that sassy “older” woman who let a maniac teenage boy dance with you.

      I saw a video of Steve on another site and was so pleased to discover he’s still working at his goals. As for this blog, I’ll do my best to post a couple times a week and hopefully remind old friends and fellow travelers of what a great trip it was in ‘the old days’.


  5. steve says:

    Stokes Dude:

    Your pics and narratives brought back a few pleasant memories!


    p.s. Can I borrow your red Jensen Interceptor again? lol