Here's an idea!

Posted: 24th August 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

I’ve been away from the internet for a few days due to my two oldest children flying into Idaho to visit with me and my awesome dad. They fly out at least once every year and we spend a couple of days eating, enjoying each other and just being a Second Dynamic. This year I had about 8 photo albums from my mother, chock full of pictures my kids had never seen. Some of them my dad hadn’t seen since the early 1950’s.

It was very nice.

So I got to thinking… many of the comments on this new blog of mine – as well as some private emails I’ve had from a few of you – have mentioned how great it is to see older pictures of Scientology folks having fun. It is nice, isn’t it? So I had this idea – why not ask the readers of this blog if they want to share? Now I understand some of you have been anonymous for so long that you’ve become embedded in that state of being when venturing out into the internet ex-Scientologist universe. You already know it’s my belief that remaining anonymous erodes the power of thousands of ex-Scn’s when it comes to forcing change in the Church of Scientology or running Miscavige to ground. So I won’t push those of you in hiding… not that I could anyway. But how about any of you who aren’t concerned about what the RTC thinks about you? Or even if you are concerned maybe you don’t give a shit. That’s my attitude.

I have set up a new email account here:

The idea is that you send me images along with a short blurb or some background about the picture… you know, what year, what Mission or Org, who is in the picture or any other pertinent data. Just give me permission to post the images here on this blog and every time I have a selection I’ll do up a blog post, add your commentary and as readership grows more and more good people out there will have the same return of  the “positive vibes” that most of us pre-RTC people experienced on a daily basis.

You know what else would be cool? Maybe some current photos of you as well. If you’re out there auditing or winning, having fun and connected somehow with other free zone, independent or off-lines Scientologists I’d bet there are plenty of folks who would feel real joy in knowing you’re alive, kicking and winning. Well, if you are winning, that is. I know many of us are now officially old… and with age comes that creeping feeling of being uglified by time. So what? Get your TR’s in and let ‘er rip! I put a pic of me up, replete with nice dark bags under my eyes and ears that seem to have grown to Spock-size over the years. You can too.

My friend Penny Krieger sent me pictures and directed me to her business web site, she wasn’t shy or concerned about how she looked (which is pretty damned good by the way for being 187 years old). Then I saw some videos with Steve Muro, John Raffanello, Trey Lotz and others… all of whom I knew, was friends with or worked with 40 years ago. It was wonderful to see them chatting and laughing and it’s not as if I expected them to look like they did when they were 25.

So let’s do this.

If you don’t see a blog article in the next week or so with pictures from other areas then you’ll know that either nobody understands computers well enough to operate a scanner, nobody had a camera or most people are still in hiding. I understand, I won’t ask for your credit card numbers. I just figured that by sharing the past that was memorable perhaps we can get some more recent Scientologists to see how things ought to be.

Let me know. I’ll be around all week.


  1. As much as I adore you Mr. Stokes, I am not, nor never have been 187 years old. I think you might have exaggerated a wee bit too enthusiastically. I am mature and we will leave it at that!

    I am including a recent photo so one and all can see that I am, in fact not quite antique yet!

    As far as the subject under discussion, I have some great photos I would love to share with all. I could care less who knows I am now out of the Church of Scientology as I wrote the Church a formal letter and withdrew my support and membership. I do have a scanner but I am somewhat technically challenged as I have never used it and being blond, on this, I am truly clueless. When you come for a visit, you’re elected to assist me.

  2. Victoria says:

    Funny you mention it, I just came across an ancient photo of “TL” in my steam trunk a few days ago.
    That trunk is full of stuff I absolutely will not part with and it has crossed oceans without so much as a glance, as long as I know I am keeping up with it.
    It “TL” agrees, I’ll post it.
    I don’t have any of myself… really the TL photo is the only one that survived many years of paring down the mest.

    • Victoria, Wow!…ha! Is that the one with my mouth open and eyes shut doing a bird impression? I better hold off for right now because I have all these job applications going out. My name keeps popping up on Google with my activism of 9/11 Truth and some of my Scientology past. I need to tone down my visibility for a bit.

      I always used to tell people: “That Victoria looks like a Penthouse model, raven hair, wonderful eyes and a body like….” Victoria, you have really held your age well, and you still have that artistic aesthetic approach at living. It would do all us guys a favor if you posted some of your pics.

  3. ensifer says:

    C’mon Victoria… TL won’t mind. Just dig it out and send it along. And if he really has photo evidence that you look like a Penthouse model I’m certain we’ll all be very pleased.

    I’ll await the photos.


  4. Tara says:

    How did we ever live without digital cameras?!
    I think it’s a great idea because a picture’s worth 1000 words…lots of havingness.
    At 65, I look damned good for my age! I warn you…damned good for 65!
    Let me see what I can find.
    I’m sorry though, my really old pics are mental images that I cannot scan.

    • Victoria says:
      Yeah, if you call a penthouse a little hilltop house on the Mississipi river, then I qualify.

      Bit of a com lag I realise, but hey:)
      I don’t have any pics of myself on staff at all… I probably didnt look so well rested anyway.

      Those are really the golden years when old BF’s tell you, you have “held your age well”, that TL, always the charmer:P

      Miss you guys, I hope I can hang out more soon.

  5. ensifer says:

    *Note to self*

    Bug Victoria and Tara until they pony up actual pictures of themselves. Golden Girl Scientology Penthouse models? Yikes!

    • Tara says:

      Ensifer~That 65 bit was my “murder routine” on ya.
      Respectable men only read Playboy for the articles. ehhe
      I’ll dig through some old pics this weekend. My PT pics are on facebook. Got one of those, do ya?