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What did you say your name was?

Posted: 30th July 2010 by ensifer in Random articles

Despite my goal of using this blog to expound on the differences in Scientology before the appearance of the RTC, it occurred to me that there is one thing about the ex-Scn community online that seems, to me, to give more power and energy to the organization that is the cause of dissent in the […]

Who is Ensifer?

Posted: 28th July 2010 by ensifer in Who writes this? And other people.

My name is David Stokes. Hi. The first contact I had with Scientology was in 1960. My mother, Dolores Stokes, got involved about 1958 via a man by the name of Red Shea. Red opened one of the earliest Scientology Centers, or franchises, in Dallas, Texas. By 1966 I had received about 200 hours of […]

Valence Shift

Posted: 27th July 2010 by ensifer in Scientology ~ before the RTC

Los Gatos, California 2010 – Summertime Two days before my 60th birthday I was sitting in the chapel of the Church of Scientology of Los Gatos. The reason me being there was remarkable is that I walked away from the Church of Scientology almost three decades ago. I hadn’t been in a Scientology building for […]